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(26 x 5')

Ages 2-4

Tip and Top both live in the same house deep in a beautiful forest. Every day they go outside and somehow manage to make a little adventure out of everything.

Tip is the tall one. He's older than Top and far more sensible. Top loves adventure and is constantly landing himself in trouble because he never thinks before he acts. Luckily for him Tip is always there to set things right.


The series teaches a few moral and practical lessons without being in any way didactic. Children will learn about friendship, empathy, right and wrong, discipline and also that it isn't a good idea to eat everything they find in the forest or countryside.


TIPTOP is timeless entertainment for toddlers. The bright colours, funny designs and simple stories will appeal to tiny tots everywhere and the fact that there is narration and no dialogue will make it easy to adapt into other languages.

Password: everscreen

Also available in Mandarin.

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