Roger Raptor

Kids of All Ages 3-100

(78 x 90 secs.) & (78 x 7')
Screengrab Lofty Roger Bath.png


ROGER RAPTOR is an animated series that thumbs its nose at the Darwinian demographic. What’s more, ground-breaking scientific research shows that raptors would always choose the vegetarian option when dining out. Our hapless villain ROGER RAPTOR is no exception. He lives to eat vegetarians like the crazy cavemen, a tribe of prehistoric hunter-gatherers who share a volcanic island with this indefatigable predator.


ROGER RAPTOR is a series that shows nature ‘red in tooth and claw’ or at least it would if ROGER wasn’t such a colossal loser. Despite his constant attempts to catch and devour the crazy cavemen with the help of an endless supply of anachronistic items culled from a container washed up on the island’s ‘Hula Hula’ Beach he always ends up with plenty of nothing. His enemies are overarching ambition and the laws of physics. He never understands the gravity of the situation because he doesn’t understand gravity or inertia or ‘for every action there is an opposite reaction’. That’s why he spends most of his time being pummelled by his plans as they backfire again and again and again.


The crazy cavemen do not survive because of their superior brain power. They have the one quality that has allowed mankind to rise to the top of the food chain…dumb luck. In fact, our series takes place before the invention of language in the previously undiscovered Pantomime Age when slapstick ruled the earth and communication took the form of grunts and slaps. Imagine a hirsute version of the Keystone Kops and you have the ROGER RAPTOR to a tee.


ROGER RAPTOR is heavily influenced by classic Hollywood cartoons such as ‘Road Runner’ and ‘Tom and Jerry’. The physical comedy may be prehistoric but it has the contemporary twist of recent shows like ‘Those Scurvy Rascals’ and ‘Shaun The Sheep.’ Each episode is told entirely visually, the only language being the Esperanto of the pratfall.


ROGER RAPTOR is a slapstick series of 2D animated adventures aimed at sentient beings of all ages on the planet Earth. Because it does not depend on language for its comedy it has a wide international appeal.

Since the time of the immortal bard, animators have asked themselves; ‘2D or not 2D? That is the question.’
We decided in the case of 'ROGER RAPTOR’ that it was the medium for us. Primarily because 2D gives greater freedom and flexibility in the handling of cartoon characters - especially unlucky raptors who get squashed and stretched on a daily basis. The very essence of a cartoon character is its rubbery invulnerability; ROGER RAPTOR always bounces back from his multiple misfortunes and we are proud to announce that no extinct animals will be harmed in the making of this series. Also, 2D animation allows for a much wider variety of visual gags, many of which are difficult to achieve in CGI on TV budgets. If you can dream it, you can draw it.


Still not convinced? After a lengthy consultation with leading scientific experts, we have learned that homo sapiens only need the extra third dimension if they want to look behind things. The world’s top anthropologists, palaeontologists and a proctologist who happened to be at the wrong meeting, advised us that early man never looked behind things. This is probably why he was constantly being surprised by predators hiding behind rocks and trees. So, our decision isn’t just aesthetic, it has been scientifically endorsed.

DIRECTOR: Graham Ralph

HEAD WRITERS: Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler

PRODUCER: Steve Walsh

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Alan Rudoff and Paul Cummins

ANIMATION: Team Toon Studio, Colombia

ART DIRECTOR: Morgan O'Brien

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Karsten Guenther