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Ages 2-4

Sali Mali logo blue white outline (paint).png
(26 x 5')

Sali’s the friend everyone should have.


An animated series for pre-school children learning to get along with others.

It’s a small world when you’re a small child but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun; especially when your friends are a mischievous jackdaw, a greedy piglet and a tiny mouse. SALI MALI is a little girl who lives with her unusual housemates, JAC DO, JACI SOCH and TOMOS CARADOG. They do everything together; gardening, baking, painting, and making music. Friendship is the underlying theme of this series aimed at the very young. Small children are the same the world over with the same hopes and fears and the desire for security and support from those around them. SALI MALI is the sort of friend we’d all like.

SALI MALI is like an older sibling who gently guides her little friends as they learn new skills and explore their creativity. The accent is firmly on fun but SALI’S adventures encourage young viewers to empathise with others. For example, when TOMOS the mouse is too small to join in the boisterous games with his larger playmates, they find a game that he can take part in. Blow football is game everyone can play! The audience will learn indirectly that compromise and sharing are important in maintaining friendships. Greedy JAC DO eats his share of cake and everyone else’s too which doesn’t endear him to his playmates and gives him terrible tummy ache. He won’t be doing that again!

Like all friends, JAC DO, JACI and TOMOS have their fallings out, but these minor squabbles are soon forgotten and when the chips are down, they’re always there for one another. When TOMOS is carried high into the sky by a gust of wind whilst flying his kite, JAC DO flies to the rescue.

SALI’S world is that of a child’s first picture book. The houses, trees and flowers are icons of these objects, simple and readable against brightly coloured backgrounds. SALI MALI lives on the outskirts of anywhere, just a stone’s throw from you and me.

The emphasis is on warmth and humour. Rhys Ifans' cheeky voice-over ensures there's no room for sentimentality and Cerys Matthews provides the voice for the charming title song.

Produced by Calon (UK) for S4C (With BFI Young Audience Fund)..

Production: 2D HD 16:9



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