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Age 5 to 8

(26 x 24')

A vivid animated series set in a world inspired by the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.

Gaudinia is an amazing world in which just about anything can happen. Not surprising then that the wicked Katchia wants to move in and take it over. So at one level, the series is about how Al, Tab and Eugene, our heroes, contrive to keep Katchia out.


Classic good versus evil stuff, you might think, but you’d be wrong because in Gaudinia, there is nothing ‘classic’ at all. Those who have been to Barcelona or studied the work of Gaudi won’t be surprised, but this is a series for kids and we all know that kids don’t study architecture, and if they go to Barcelona it’s to watch football or go to the beach.


What makes this series so different is that the struggle between good and evil is set against the backdrop of a world in which the unpredictable is thoroughly predictable (with hindsight). So it may at times seem that Al, Tab and Eugene don’t know what they’re doing, but in the end their extraordinary ingenuity (and, on occasions, plain good luck) help them to frustrate Katchia, who’s virtually unbeatable on her home territory, but tends to, shall we say, lose her way when she ventures into Gaudinia.


Katchia isn’t helped one little bit by the incompetence and constant feuding of her henchmen, and the forces of good in the form of Al, Tab and Eugene aren’t exactly brilliant at teamwork, so don’t be surprised by the unpredictability and sheer ingenuity of ‘Howdi Gaudi‘.

Password: everscreen

Also available in Neutral Spanish.

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