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Ages 2-6

(65 x 5')

Things just happen to NOKSU, whose name means ‘Be yourself!'.

NOKSU's natural curiosity and extrovert character propels him from one adventure to another and wherever he goes, tiny Nupi buzzes along too.


With his favourite playmate, Betty B, and a handful of other colourful characters who help them along the way, NOKSU is in the complicated business of growing up. He learns something new all the time: how to cope with the dangers of crossing the road; how to avoid too much junk food; how to treat everyone with respect. All those life-skills which have to be mastered as children grow up, and which the series shares with the young viewers through humorous and engaging storylines.


NOKSU is the result of collaboration between longstanding partners Epidem of Finland, which developed the project, and UK-based Evergreen Productions. Animation by newcomers, Lumine Studios of Jakarta, Indonesia who were also co-producers.

Password: everscreen

Also available in French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Romanian.

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