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HD Movie

Captain Morten & the Spider Queen

(1 x 79')

Age 6+ Family Entertainment

Morten dreams of a life of adventure on the high seas like his absent captain father, but his fantasy is restricted by the size of his boat – which is merely a toy. By a bizarre chain of dark events, the café where he lives with his controlling aunt, floods and Morten is magically shrunk to the size of a bug.


Morten embraces the chance to captain his toy ship but discovers that he must first defeat the evil Spider Queen, whose power over the rest of the ship’s insect crew resembles a grotesque version of the life and people he left behind.


Director: Kaspar Jancis

Produced by: Nukufilm (Estonia), Telegael (Ireland), Grid Animation (Belgium), Calon (UK).

Production: Stop-motion

Also available in French.

Morten in his treehouse.jpg
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