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HD Movie

Age 6+ Family Entertainment

(1 x 76')

Two monkey tribes are divided by centuries of fear and prejudice. One lives as a rudimentary but harmonious community in the treetops, the other a hierarchical existence in a castle on the ground. Walking upright, clothed and convinced that they are more evolved than the ‘savages’ above, the castle-dwellers routinely put to death any tree-dwelling monkeys who dare to come down. When insatiably curious teenager Kom plummets from his home, therefore, his family consider him lost forever. Below, however, a melancholic King spares Kom’s life to have him studied and Kom’s infectious enthusiasm means he soon becomes the King’s favourite - which sows discord amongst his subjects and, not least, the Chancellor, who plans to dispose of the King, his heir, Princess Ida, and seize power for himself, aided by his enthusiastic sidekick Gerard the Gormless. Kom and loyal maid, Gina, uncover the plot and overcome numerous setbacks to save the day and climb up to the treetops to unite the two tribes.

Featuring a score by multi-award winning composer Alexandre Desplat, the song 'We Are One' by Westlife and the voice talents of Rik Mayall, John Hurt, Michael Gambon and Michael York.


Director: Jean-Francois Laguionie.

Writers: Norman Hudis, Jean-Francois Laguionie.

Producers: Evergreen Productions (UK), Les Films du Triangle (France), Cologne Cartoon (Germany).

Production: 2D (HD from 35mm)

France and Germany not available.

Kom and Gavin in the treetops
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