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Tao Shu the Warrior Boy

Age 3-7

(52 x 12')

This colourful series is set in Ancient China and follows the adventures of Tao Shu and his alter ego, Warrior Boy. Every day brings a new adventure for Tao Shu and his little sister, Ling Ling, who live on the slopes of a misty mountain where their parents own a teahouse. The series has a unique visual style and the stories are based on traditional Chinese peasant paintings.

Peach Blossom Media, the producers of the show, have now made available a total of 24 story books based on the title characters.

The series also has a varied Merchandising range very popular in South East Asia.

A spin-off of the show called Tao Shu & Friends, which mixes live action with animation (available only in Mandarin) has several Learn Chinese books available.

Password: everscreen

Spin-off show 'Tao Shu & Friends' available only in Mandarin.

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