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The Dune Philosophers


(12 x 1'40")
In Development

This series asks all sorts of questions, be they philosophical, scientific, mathematical, practical, or absurd BUT it won’t come up with all of the answers. Too complicated?

We assure you the questions are simple:

Why do we think?

Does washing up = procrastination?

Is love all?


Our characters don’t shy away from sharing their personal opinions, but they think for the sake of thinking.

We want viewers to think for themselves.

Or they can just marvel at the picturesque setting and laugh at our characters’ personal habits.

There’s something to appeal to all ages and to all attention spans.

Created by Linda van Tulden & Geert van Asbrouck in Development with Evergreen Productions

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Our Characters are all named after real-life Philosophers.



(Male. Middle-aged. Blond beard, blue-eyes and with a walrus-sized belly).

A somewhat serious, sometimes wise, confident, knowledgeable, practical but unsuspecting hermit. He meditates, is a nature-lover and is calm.


(Male. Dog)

 A warm-blooded and intelligent and sometimes passionate, tender, street dog. A little rough around the edges, with a very dry sense of humour with more than a hint of sarcasm.


(Gender-fluid. Donkey)

An aristocrat. Dress style is influenced by Marlene Dietrich in 1930s tuxedo.

Stubborn but emotional. Ever doubting but rational. Caring but narcissistic. Very neat and tidy.

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