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Team Toon Studio of Barranquilla, Colombia has agreed to co-produce the high-end animated slapstick comedy ‘Crazy Cavemen & the Ravenous Raptor’ with the UK’s Evergreen Entertainment and Silver Fox Animation and Ireland’s Telegael.

There will be 78x7’ dialogue-free action packed episodes featuring Roger Raptor’s endless plans to catch a caveman, woman or even baby for his lunch. He never, ever succeeds. The series is set on an island that is stuck in a time warp so dinosaurs and cavemen live alongside each other… and a shipping container full of goodies from the modern world is washed up on the beach.

Creator, Graham Ralph, and producer, Steve Walsh, have put together an extraordinarily talented team to make the show. ‘We asked Team Toon Studio to animate the pilot episode and the work they did was exceptional, so it was a real no-brainer when it came to who would animate the series. We first met the people from Team Toon at MIPCOM last year and have followed them ever since’ said Steve Walsh.

Paul Cummins and his team at Telegael were really impressed by the quality of the animation on the pilot: ‘When Steve asked us if we would agree to him entering into a co-production with Team Toon Studio on the series, we agreed instantly’.

For Team Toon this co-production with European studios will be a first. Leon Mejia, who will be representing the studio at MIPCancun, said his team loves the show and would have been heartbroken not to be involved in the production

For further information please contact Leon Mejia ( Or Steve Walsh (

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