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Ages 2-5

(26 x 5')

This series focuses on childrens’ inherent creativity: using their limitless imaginations and feeding an accumulation of knowledge by simply playing and building with blocks.


Except, in this series, the children ARE blocks!

The BLOXYCLES exist to play and build. Every day there’s either no reason or a very good reason to go out and build something.

 They might face a blank slate and boredom or need to find a solution to a problem, so they come up with an action plan and either succeed or fail by creating something with what is available from their surroundings. They might even wade in without thinking just to see where that leads them.



Sometimes they play together and sometimes they play alone. There’s no right or wrong – just a learning experience and having fun by picking up blocks, stacking them and seeing what the end result is.

Co-Production with Animation Home

Production: 3D CGI HD

Episode Coming Soon

Password: everscreen

In Development

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