In Production. Age 4-6

(26 x11')

BABSY is a five year old girl who is quite a character. She isn’t always well-behaved, but it’s impossible not to like her. She’s funny and smart, filled with curiosity about the world around her.


Babsy has a need to understand things. Her parents and elder brother tend to be too busy to answer her questions, so she sets about finding the answers herself. And, of course, she doesn’t always get it right. Life can be very mystifying – why does her mother want her to have a baby brother? why can’t she have the pet she wants from the zoo? why don’t the other children play with Annika?


The series focuses on different aspects of a child’s development, especially their social and emotional development. The stories are told in a simple way to suit children from 3 to 6. But the educational aspects to the series are hidden within the humourous, light-hearted plots. We should never forget that Babsy is a little mischievous and her fertile imagination leads her to have some funny ideas.


Babsy lives in a city with her parents, an elder brother and the teddy bear she never lets out of her sight. During the course of the series she acquires a pet tortoise, a baby brother, a new best friend etc. Her father’s a doctor and very busy, her mother used to be a teacher but her children now require too much attention for her to teach, so she’s a housewife who’s devoted to her children and loves the ‘job’.

Password: everscreen

Also available in Polish.